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Located in Cixi Ningbo, sharing two--hour business trip circle  within Shanghai, Hangzhou Suzhou and Ningbo. Jinnuo lies 60km away to the west of Ningbo sea port and 70km to the Ningbo air port ,80km away to the Hangzhou air port. Jiunuo is in the site in advanced manufacturing base in Zhejiang provide, which provides abundant source in metal machine, plastic injection, together with concerned technicians and special talents.


  General Outline    Main Servie
  Facitity Size: 12,000 M2   --  Precision Metal Parts With Service And Design
  Total Investment:12,000.000RMB   --  Forge/Extrusion/Cast
  Number Of Employee: 150   --  Maching/Mill/Grind
  Total Sale:60.000.000RMB(2011)    





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